Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second in Command of The USS Beardy

~Hello All~

As you may know, Dan (aka: Georgia Des) retired this blog on Sept 2009 because school, life, faith, etc - were all very important at the time (and still remain as such).

Now, a few days ago I stumbled upon this delightful blog after google searching "foxy beard" in a random fit of incoherent boredom and this delightful little gem popped up!

I was excited for two is true, most people that know me, know that I am delighted by all boys with beards (inclusive of mutton chops - cuz I'm no a hater), BUT also notice Dan's "RIP Beardy Blog" post's headstone image was of Evil Spock (the beard distinguishes him as such) - AND ALL PEOPLE THAT KNOW ME, know that I'm a massive trekkie (hence my tng blog).

Clearly the beard+trek combo certainly made my day complete! So I did what any sensible beard fanatic would do, went to my other blog and blogged about his blog. THEN, I emailed a stranger (Dan) and asked if I could continue the tradition he began in the art of beard appreciation!

Clearly he said "Yes" :-)

So allow me to humbly introduce myself...

Hi . . . my name is Mojdeh . . . I am a beard addict
[your line : welcome Mojdeh]

I'm a business owner, visual artist, live performer, space geek, and beard fanatic!
Act Like Ya Know :-)>


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  2. Welcome Mojdeh, I hope this blog will live long and prosper.

    I started following it when Dan the Man decided to resign his creative authorities to it. Excited to see it reborn.

  3. Dear Prisc,

    Yes, thank you! I hope that my blogs have been up to the high standards Dan had them at! I hope to boldly go where no beard enthusiast has gone before! (within reasonable PG 13 guidelines of course!)