Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Featured Apparal: Beardy Beanies!

It's that time of year! I'm here to help you all save your sanity on Black Friday!!! This installment will help you stay put in your home, whilst shopping for things that can only warm the heart, soul, head & lower face! :-)>

I am in love with these winter caps! They wrap right around the face to create a foe-beard throughout the winter! HOW WONDERFUL! The best part, is the little twirly top of the mustache!

I'm ready to go on a little bike ride mid-winter. Don't mind me, I'll just be the beardy lady . . . but you can call me, Moj Beard!

Okay, now that I'm done with my outburst I can tell you all about where you can scoop them up for the holidays!

An estranged young lady whom I have never met, is apparently inspired by the wondrous glory of furry face and has made it her life's calling to sell said Beardy Beanies on her etsy page! So please visit TaraDuff's etsy and support her in her mad science of knitted beard magic

This post has been written for your delight by, Moj Beard!


Tarra Duff's Etsy Page
Mojdeh's Official Website
Moj Beard, Private Investigator

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Don't Get Lost in the Shadow

Dear Friends,

This friendly blog post is to inform you that I am going to sneak into the 5'oclock shadow of life for a couple of months and return with some great/wonderful adventures of the lost follicles!  So for those of you that are already following this feed - keep following. Those that check in 3 times a week - START FOLLOWING! And always feel free to email press releases, comments, questions, etc to

Meanwhile, I will continue to cover beard-related events in Chicago and beyond. I will make special note of anything beardy - that you guys share with me - and post about it all upon my return.  Thanks for being such great followers my friends! :)

With Love,
Commander Mojdeh

But for good luck...I leave you with this...

Harry Potter...expressing his magic in full-follicle!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Patience Needed: Man Sad - Woman Happy

So I've noticed that there's a whole bunch of internet happenings surrounding the sad mis-happenings of pitifully grown beards.  Most of these mentions are perpetuated by men that have been coaxed by their ladies to take a stab at "Sexy Scruff", like on this man's blog, but sadly these men are not confident enough in the possibilities of their future "Sexy Scruff" to give it the time it needs to grow in! This man's blog received a lot of entertaining feedback - which was quite split. The men who clearly had beards themselves told him to give it time, and everyone else simply told him there may not be hope, BUT, it was a worthy experiment for the sake of his lady!  My favorite comment, posted by user "PMD" reads as follows:

To quote The Quiet Beatle...

"It's gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
It's gonna take patience and time
To do it,
to do it,
to do it,
to do it,
to do it
To do it right"

And on that note. I'm going to leave you with George Harrison's video of this particular song!  Please note the ridiculous nature of his mullet...but the loveliness of his5 o'clock shadow.

George Harrison, rockin his 'stache!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Scruff is Sexy - Facebook Group
Shia LaBeouf brings back his Sexy Scruff

Friday, October 1, 2010

In honor of the process of beard growth...

Beard Growth...
Scientist that hopes to be a future astronaut, see
In my investigations of what's-what in the world of beards on You Tube, I have found an interesting trend.  There are many men that feel the need to document the growth of thier beards - and though my initial thoughts about this were "how trite" - I'm really facinated by this now.  I'm interested in this inclination to document the process.  To show the world how long it takes, what it looks like every time it changes.  It reminds me of watching science films in my 7th grade Life Science classes.  It may not be new...but it's still interesting.  So for the sake of celebrating the time that it takes for our men to sport such folicles of glory! I give you my 2 favorite videos of beard growth!

Video 1:
I love this video because the video's subject (Jimmy Greenfield of Red Eye & Chicago Now) is so straight faced, MEANWHILE there's a vast amount of sassy faces that pop up in the background!  The entertaining Irish punk song about beards is just the sugar on top!

Video 2:
This video excites me because of the journey that the subject was taking while he was documenting his beard growth.  He decided to go on a long distance cycling trip - which I think takes some serious dedication!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured TV Show : LOST

In my last post, I briefly mentioned LOST when referencing beards-in-television.  I know that two posts about TV back-to-back could be viewed as over-kill, but luckily, my last post was not about a TV show - it was about Conan & his beard - more specifically, his beard's power to take over media!  Therefore, I am perfectly justified in this over indulgent gesture celebrating ALL OF THE BERDS OF LOST!!!

 I could continue building this post all day!
This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Media Heads Fear The Beard Take Over Is An Imminent Reality! is!

Fact : middle aged men look best with FULL beards; distinguished - not flashy!

Fact : By now we have all learned that the media is controlled by white middle aged men.

Fact : Conan Obrian has a new show coming out!

Fact : Conan is a white middle aged man! (also a ginger...also lanky)

This may be the first time in contemporary Late Night television history that a host has decided to sport a beard permanently! Therefore having the possibility to completely alter the standard for facial hair across all late night TV hosts. Once the Late Night TV Hosts have beards, then the News Anchors will want beards! Then the morning show men, and all the men of radio (even though we can't see them). Once all the men of radio have beards, then ALL, YES ALL the men of music will be inclined to have beards - therefore (hopefully) altering the standard of what's "sexy" on a broader scale because we all know that musicians set the real standard for what's "cool" and THEN, when having a beard is "cool" we'll see beards in prime time television - and it won't just be a continuity tactic (ie. LOST, etc) it will be REAL!

Beard + Leather = Bad Ass ... CLEARLY!
This is the "Beard Of Glory" pose! He knows!
With a beard like that...why bother paying attention to the dangers of wearing plaid with stripes!?

CLEARLY this ginger / red-beard has the power to make serious change. I suggest we all just let him do what he has to do! Do not stop him! Watch the show...once he has the ratings...the beards will come! And the "Folicual Domination" will begin! [insert world/folical domination music here]


This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!


PS. If you believe you can or have composed world/folical domination music. Please send your mp3s to, subject "BEARD ANTHEHMS."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Featured Dessert: Dragon's Beard

No beard goes un-noticed on my watch! I recently succumbed to the urge to look at food porn.

definition : food porn [thanks wikipedia]
*a provocative term variously applied to a spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, cooking shows or other visual media.
*"Food porn" specifically refers to food photography and styling that presents food glamorously or provocatively, as in glamour photography or pornographic photography.

 In my quest to gaze at delicious delights which I cannot eat due to allergies (i.e. 3 layered chocolate cakes, with a layer of mousse, all covered in ganache, or pan fried grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough bread...etc) - anywayz - whilst on such a quest I stumbled upon a bearded delight! Dragon's Beard Candy!

I THEN, went on a quest to FIND such a treate and had no success!

So I am raising a challenge to my readers!  If one of you fine beard enthusiasts decides to find this delectable delight and tries it --> I will post your review of the desert here; you will be a guest contributor for the day!  NOW, if you'd like to take it to the NEXT LEVEL and you decide to learn how to make it, and you send me a video of you making it, there will be a secret prize waiting for you on the other end! [this only applies to the first person to perform each act]

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Friday, September 17, 2010

SPOT NEWS : Beard Enviest Strikes Again!

I'm sure many of you have already meditated on the important societal issues that were brought to the surface in my post titled, Sigmund Freud's Under Recognized Theory on BEARD ENVY!

It has been brought to my attention that there has been another sighting of famed Beard Enviest, Sarah Herrmann. She has been spotted with more fabricated facial follicles!

Image found on the alleged Beard Enthusiast's facebook - actually she volunteered the photo! SHOCKING!
Do not be fooled! This is NOT a REAL beard!
This Beard Enviest CLEARLY is in need of some support!

It is official - we must start a neighborhood Beard Watch!
I nominate myself as President!

If you or anyone you know has seen this person, or any other person lurking with "folicles of fabrication" - please be sure to email your poporotzi portraits to, subject "BEARD POPOROTZI"!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Featured Musician : Iron & Wine : The Beard IS BACK in 2011

It is true! With all male musicians, but music is simply better when it has to voyage through beard BEFORE it gets to the microphone!  This is true of all talented men actually, not just musicians!  For those of you that don't know, for men, the beard is a sort of filter.  For some musicians, they enjoy to perform through a light reverb, delay, or distortion.  But for Iron & Wine, his beard acts as a pitch filter, only allowing the softest-most-gentle frequencies to sneak through to the microphone. BRILLIANT!

Sam Beam (aka, Iron & Wine)

He's dropping a new album in 2011 which we should all keep our eyes, ears, and whiskers open to!  But until then - please enjoy one of his infamous treats of past by watching this video!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

See article we borrowed photo from

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sigmund Freud's Under-Recognized Theory on BEARD ENVY!

It seems that everywhere we go, we see signs of Sigmund Feud's always-correct theories of human behavior and sexuality in effect. Most are familiar with his psychosexual theories regarding women looking for men just like thier fathers, men looking for women just like thier mothers, and of course the infamous "penis envy".  These topics have been so talked about over the last century that neo-femenist actavists like Karen Horney have even expanded that into theories like "womb envy", etc.

What no one seems to talk about, is a much more serious issue that has been plaguing women for centuries; BEARD ENVY!  One of the beard blogs anonymous researchers has been scouring social media websites (ie. facebook, etc) for examples of women who clearly have said envy.

Sarah Herrmann, 2 time offender of facial hair impersonation!
The Beard Envy is so deep with this one, she even impersonated a uni-brow.

Jesse M (left), Mojdeh (right), circa 2005, it's true, Recovering Beard Enviests.

We've been Beard-Envy-Sober for 5 years!
 This is only SOME of the shocking truth that our researcher found on the facebook. If you would like to submit any documentation of ladies with Beard Envy, please send an email to, subject "BEARD BLOG".

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Why Advertising Sucks Blog - Beard Envy post
Beard Envy as result of no facial hair, only neck beard

Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Apparel: They Grow On You!

While surfing looking for something COMPLETELY UN BEARD RELATED (i swear!), I stumbled upon this delight!
I have a soft spot for humor that's just a touch punny! And the best part is that the shirts being modeled by a bonified beard!
You can buy this shirt by clicking here!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Featured Video: If Your Dad Doesn't Have a Beard, You've Got Two Mums

Despite my recent frustrations with youtube. It appears that I have reconciled my issues with youtube ... for now! And to show my appreciation of my ability to share ridiculous beardy-videos with the world. Here's a taste of THE BEARDS, a band from Australia!

This post has been brought to you for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

THE BEARDS official myspace page

Monday, September 6, 2010

TAKING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Advances in processed foods invigorate folical creators! Is this the end of the Rogain Era?

So I recently watched the new Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory while I was babysitting a friend's 4 year old.  During the invention room sequence Willie introduces this "hair toffee" and says "You suck down one of these...and a brand new crop of hair will start growing out of all over your little noggin, and a mustache, and a beard..." and then one of the kids says "who want's a beard?" Willie replies, "...beatnicks for one..." and I just started laughing!

So, this was supposed to be a ridiculous post about a "mysterious scientist" that developed a candy that can grow hair. I was intending on embedding a streaming selection of the "documentary" that I had viewed about said candy...but I was having so many technical difficulties that instead this has become a story about not being able to post this post as it was originally intended!  This post has been taken TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

My post was supposed to read as follows:
"For two decades lotions, shampoos, and compounds like Rogain have been many men's solotions to loss of hair.  Other men choose to pay top dollar for hair implants!  But luckily, one of the UK's most well recognized scientific innovators, William Wonka, has created a tiny, yet delicious solution to this problem, Hair Toffee!


Except, where the link is, I wanted to embed the video - I think media content is more interesting with some kind of visual aid AND the post looses it's humor w/o the video clip.  Simple business, right?  Well, if you navigate to the youtube page, and click the "embed" button you will notice that a prompt pops up where the html code should be! "Embedding disabled by request" So being the resourcefull blogger that I am, I thought, no biggie. I used one of those youtube ripping softwares and saved the video to my laptop. I then logged into my own youtube and uploaded the video freshly - thinking, I could then embed the video from my page. ALAS, youtube must've built some kind of algorythm searching for videos with like information - the video was auto-blocked from being embedable, just seconds after posting it!! I tried re-loading it with a different file name, etc etc, three atempts later - I gave up on youtube.

NEXT I thought, well, let me just rip the audio and I'll post it utilizing an audio streaming service, but every audio streamer I tried to load on my computer won't recognize the audio file! DAMN! So FINALLY I decided that I would just post a link (as you saw before) and post screen shots of the scene in the invention room. BUT MY BEARD BLOG WON'T READ THE SCREEN SHOTS!!!! AHHHHH! So I streaming streaming audio...and no screen shots!  But that didn't stop me from beard-blogging!

No worries, nothing will ever stop me from beard blogging!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Gripes About YouTube
Mojdeh's Star Trek Blog

Friday, September 3, 2010

Man's Best Affectation? Doctor from the future reviels the truth behind the beard while playing a leisure game of poker!

Beverly Crusher is the future's most well respected medical practicianer.  You may remember her from such "future history" programs like, Star Trek the Next Generation!  She is not convinced that the beard is a necessity!  But clearly the men of the future disagree! Frankly, so do I!

This post has been brought to you for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Synopsis of "The Quality of Life" STNG episode
My Star Trek Blog

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beard Fraud : Some Things Just Need To Surface Before The Truth Comes Out!

this image was strategically stolen from

This post has been shared for your pleasure by, Commander Mojdeh.

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My Band

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man decides to save the world with the most "well" designed "facial" hair on Earth! AKA: The reason why men should consult thier women before ruining thier faces!

PARENTAL ADVISORY : Viewing this post may perminently damage the eyes of children, young adults, and elderly that have a low tolerence for the stupid things people do to thier bodies in the name of "body art".

oh the things we post on the internet!

This post has been written for your pleasure by, Commander Mojdeh.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Speaking of "Flavor Savors"

Hello Friends! If you recall, I just shared some pretty sweet "flavor savers" (pun intended), in my last post!  But our good friends at the worlds most compitent and reliable news source, The Onion, have shared a very shocking article. I just read this for the first time today, and felt it needed a little additional viral/social networking push.  Friends, this is IMPORTANT news!

Man With Food In Beard Saying Something About Climate Change

GENEVA—A man with a piece of food stuck in his beard is currently addressing an auditorium full of world leaders and prominent scholars on what seems to be the subject of global warming, sources are reporting. The food particle has been dangling from the man's facial hair for more than an hour while he has mentioned such phrases as "sulfides," "ice caps," "immediately, otherwise we all may," "underwater tomb," and "of human life as we know it." It was briefly dislodged during a particularly animated portion of the presentation in which complete global apocalypse was remarked upon, only to fall one inch and reattach to a lower portion of beard. The exact nature of the crumb has yet to be ascertained. Some are speculating that it is aioli. Others, however, believe it to be a bit of chewed-up turkey.
Related Articles

To see this article in it's original context please click here!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Flavor Savors : Where food and facial hair collide!

Now I know a good blog when I see one!  Now whilst the "Food Beard" blog is far less diverse than my own, how can one beard blogger (myself) not pay respects to other beard bloggers (mystery people called EG + AK).  Here are some of my favorite flavor savors!

I think Mel "The Melon" Gibson is looking quite good today!

Chris Pine-apple, and Chris Pine-nuts! Ahahahahahahahaha!

And while that was quite entertaining, my personal favorite is Sarah Palin's Hunting Beard (below)

There's a little meat left for later - you know, midnight snack!

The Food Beard Blog
Mel Gibson - Wikipedia
Chris Pine - Wikipedia
Sarah Palin - The Onion

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


KT (left), Amanda (right)

Somehow I missed a mustache party that my best friend and her sister had! This is quite possibly my favorite picture of these two ladies...EVER!! I have to admit, as much as I love my dear friend Amanda, her younger sister does wear that 'stache with way more enthusiasm!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Featured Event: Encyclopedia Show (Chicago)

[Shanney Jean & Robbie Q, pictured left at the Ecnyclopedia Show - pictured without beards...]

As an active member of the Chicago poetry scene, I often find myself at many poetry shows in the city. One of my favorite shows is the Encyclopedia Show, produced by Robby Q Telfer & Shanny Jean Maney. This is a poetry heavy variety show where they pick a different theme for each show, and then assign topics to each performer to develope a performance around.

They welcomed me to perform during thier season finale, Season 2: Volume 10: The Circus. When it was announced that I would be participating in "The Circus" I thought for SURE they were going to assign "bearded lady" to me! In fact, I started developing performance ideas on my way from the show where it was announced! Alas, I was wrong. They assigned Gibsonton, Florida to me. A place famous for being a wintering town for circus people, the only place in the USA with laws allowing you to keep your pet elephant in your front lawn if you want to!

Upon recieving my assignment I started devloping a half song, half poem, that I was only half excited about. A week before the event, a certain bearded comedian, Bryan Bowden (see earlier post about Bryan) left me a facebook message informing me that he had made the suggestion for Gibsonton as a topic because there had been an X-Files episode that took place in that town. So as a former X-Files addict I decided to do some research and proptly streamed the episde on Netflix! By the time I was done with the episode, I realized that Gibsonton was famous for several murders, and I had a new viggor for my topic. I tucked myself away to re-write my performance, except THIS TIME, I was writing a Neo-Noir voice over as "Moj Beard, Private Investigator" (Gibsonton's, bearded lady P.I.). I slaved over developing the monologue for days and then at 10am the morning of the Encyclopedia Show, I recorded my voice over, laid all the appropriate music / sound fx, and found all of the appropriate props/costuming I could pull together - all with exactly 20min to spare before I had to check in for the show!

Click here to listen to the result! I had a brown trench coat, brimmed hat, brief case, fake wiskey, shot glass, suspenders, a prop gun, and files that said things like "Geek Murders" and a newspaper with articles like "Lobster Boy Gets Away With Murder"!

I shared the stage with performers that I adore like, Roger Bonair-Agard and George Decibelle - Needless to say, Encyclopedia Show "The Circus" was nothing less than a freak show!

Do check check out the Encyclopedia Show's official website because their "Anthology Show" is coming up, with highlight performances from the last season as a teaser for the start of season 3 of T.E.S.

Chicago Public Radio's Preview of the Event
The Encyclopedia Show's official website
Moj Beard / Gibsonton FL Noir Audio
My Official Website
My Production Company

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Anti-Shave / Pro Baseball Player PSA

I have a tendency of being entertained by really lo-fi flash animated videos.  And today, I'm not sure how . . . but I found myself at - and before I had a chance to navagate away . . . the BEARD STARTS TALKING! I'm going to go ahead and vote this website into the "entertaining" department - even though I may never be impulsed to watch it again (unlike other flash videos like: TISM video & End of The World animation).  So alas, I hope you all get a mini-giggle out of it as much as I did.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Internet Is Filled With Strange Beards!

I have to admit, an adult that was THIS beard equip at such a young age is PROBABLY a little too bearded as an adult. OR this is one VERY SKILLED beard sculptor by the time he's a grown adult.

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Grow It Back, Damnit" Selection : Connan O'Brian

ALSO, Connan, it's okay to hug the monkey back! He clearly loves you!

Friday, July 30, 2010

For the love of beards! This is an unreasonable woman!

A woman who puts this much "sing-song" into trying to get her man to shave his beard is clearly a little batty! I could understand encouraging him to grow a fuller beard, possibly a goatee, but really, SHAVE IT ALL! The man would suddenly look like a boy . . . look at his porcelain baby face! Not worth it!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MY DREAM COME TRUE? . . . almost . . .

So anyone that knows me particularly well knows that I have a bit of a soft spot for Red-Beards! Let me explain . . .

+ =

TRANSLATION: red beard + mojdeh = very very beautiful mixed children

Note: child pictured above has no relation to me! it's just a photo of a half ginger, half af-am child that I found via Google image search.

So when I stumbled upon a link called "Red-Beard Game" I became a tiny bit excited, but wasn't certain exactly what kind of "game" could involve a Red-Beard! Unfortunately for me, this was not a dating game for prospects in search of their dream ginger! Instead it was a quirky and adorable flash animated game where a tiny little man is trying very hard to get to gold treasure!

This post has been written for your delight by, the future, Mrs. Red Beard!


The Red Beard Game

Monday, July 26, 2010

Featured Poet: John Paul Davis

For all that understand the necessity to create art about the things that are most important in life, I present, John Paul Davis! He is an accomplished poet, designer, and the editor-in-chief of Bestiary Magazine (an innovative new literary magazine)! He recently returned to Chicago to accept a residency with Vox Ferus (a poetry performance, workshop, & writing non-profit). Since his return he's become the WORDS THAT KILL Slam Master, started a new magazine, and will represent the Mental Graffiti slam team at the 2010 National Poetry Slam! My hat goes of to you, oh bearded poet and talented peer!

Here's his poem "Ode To My Beard" as performed at the 2010 Green Mill semi-finals!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

John Paul Davis personal website
Bestiary Magazine official website
Lethal Poetry's WORDS THAT KILL series
Poetry Slam Inc official website

Friday, July 23, 2010

THE ROOTS MAKE MUSIC : The Roots are fans of BEARDS! (as it should be)

According to our reliable sources at it appears the author's of The Bearded Gentleman (book) had a run-in with acclaimed hip hop artists, ?uestlove and Black Thought of The Roots! At this strange encounter, it was brought to the authors' attention that these were two men who stand behind their beards with every follicle of confidence and celebration!

Now it is apparent that facial hair is a common staple in the hip hop world - however, unfortunately it often manifests in the form of what I like to call a "chin strap," a thin outline of the jaw line from side burn to side burn - it's not good!

Alas, I applaud Mr. ?uestlove & Black Thought for not attempting to bastardize the facial fuzz that God hath provided them!

Please click here if you'd like to see the source article about these beard enthusiastic musicians!

This article has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Featured Ad: Old Spice "Mustache Man"

I am oh so very entertained by this Old Spice ad. I think this family of ads that Old Spice has released are actually incredibly effective because it's over the top in "serious" but they are explicitly ridiculous about said "seriousness"! Please enjoy this Mustachiod spokesman for everyone's favorite rugged scent!

Delightful! Isn't it!? . . . Well I'm assuming you said yes.
SO! If that video was a treat, here's another entertaining Old Spice ad...just for good measure!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Old Spice official website
Old Spice You Tube Channel
My Star Trek Blog
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My business's official website
My band's official website

Monday, July 19, 2010

Featured YouTube: Growing A Beard By Sheer Willpower

If one were to voyage to youtube as I have, searching for entertainment you might find that there are a million time lapsed videos of men who've documented the growth of their beard by way of taking a picture every day and editing it all together. However...if you look further - beyond the iMovie simple slide will find this little gem!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Featured Song: Sophie Madeleine's "Beard Song"

This is a delightful little treat that is sure to set the mood for an amazing weekend! I stumbled upon this song, much in the same way I stumbled upon this blog before I was the primary contributor! ENJOY!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

More Rediculous Music : "I Want Your DNA" by, Vynl Mo

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Featured Books : One Thousand Beards & The Bearded Gentlemen (preview)

I was turned onto the Art Of Manliness website recently and even made a post about it last week. In my further exploration of this amazing website I found a podcast interview with the author of "One Thousand Beards" and "The Bearded Gentleman", two books focused on facial hair culture.

One Thousand Beards, appears to be a historical commentary on beards from the caveman's era all the way to now! Tracing the history of things like the razor; back-in-the-day cave men figured out how to use clam shells to pluck their beards and over the centuries developed it to straight razors, and then multi-blade razors, and electric razors, etc. This book heavily considers religious, political, and economic influences upon the beard over the ages and even speaks of a time when men would be taxed for having a beard (a sign of wealth). This podcast interview on the was very informative but more so endeared the author to me (one more Canadian to love!).

The Bearded Gentleman, appears to be more of a how-to in beard preparation, maintenance, shaping, etc etc. It has also become a running blog since these books have been released, so check that out as well!

Both seem like worthy books to own if your are a beard fanatic!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

Art of Manliness - website
Art of Manliness - Book Preview - podcast
The Commander Mojdeh Portal
Something Lethal