Monday, August 23, 2010

Speaking of "Flavor Savors"

Hello Friends! If you recall, I just shared some pretty sweet "flavor savers" (pun intended), in my last post!  But our good friends at the worlds most compitent and reliable news source, The Onion, have shared a very shocking article. I just read this for the first time today, and felt it needed a little additional viral/social networking push.  Friends, this is IMPORTANT news!

Man With Food In Beard Saying Something About Climate Change

GENEVA—A man with a piece of food stuck in his beard is currently addressing an auditorium full of world leaders and prominent scholars on what seems to be the subject of global warming, sources are reporting. The food particle has been dangling from the man's facial hair for more than an hour while he has mentioned such phrases as "sulfides," "ice caps," "immediately, otherwise we all may," "underwater tomb," and "of human life as we know it." It was briefly dislodged during a particularly animated portion of the presentation in which complete global apocalypse was remarked upon, only to fall one inch and reattach to a lower portion of beard. The exact nature of the crumb has yet to be ascertained. Some are speculating that it is aioli. Others, however, believe it to be a bit of chewed-up turkey.
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