Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Featured Musician : Iron & Wine : The Beard IS BACK in 2011

It is true! With all male musicians, but music is simply better when it has to voyage through beard BEFORE it gets to the microphone!  This is true of all talented men actually, not just musicians!  For those of you that don't know, for men, the beard is a sort of filter.  For some musicians, they enjoy to perform through a light reverb, delay, or distortion.  But for Iron & Wine, his beard acts as a pitch filter, only allowing the softest-most-gentle frequencies to sneak through to the microphone. BRILLIANT!

Sam Beam (aka, Iron & Wine)

He's dropping a new album in 2011 which we should all keep our eyes, ears, and whiskers open to!  But until then - please enjoy one of his infamous treats of past by watching this video!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh.

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