Friday, October 1, 2010

In honor of the process of beard growth...

Beard Growth...
Scientist that hopes to be a future astronaut, see
In my investigations of what's-what in the world of beards on You Tube, I have found an interesting trend.  There are many men that feel the need to document the growth of thier beards - and though my initial thoughts about this were "how trite" - I'm really facinated by this now.  I'm interested in this inclination to document the process.  To show the world how long it takes, what it looks like every time it changes.  It reminds me of watching science films in my 7th grade Life Science classes.  It may not be new...but it's still interesting.  So for the sake of celebrating the time that it takes for our men to sport such folicles of glory! I give you my 2 favorite videos of beard growth!

Video 1:
I love this video because the video's subject (Jimmy Greenfield of Red Eye & Chicago Now) is so straight faced, MEANWHILE there's a vast amount of sassy faces that pop up in the background!  The entertaining Irish punk song about beards is just the sugar on top!

Video 2:
This video excites me because of the journey that the subject was taking while he was documenting his beard growth.  He decided to go on a long distance cycling trip - which I think takes some serious dedication!

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