Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Featured Books : One Thousand Beards & The Bearded Gentlemen (preview)

I was turned onto the Art Of Manliness website recently and even made a post about it last week. In my further exploration of this amazing website I found a podcast interview with the author of "One Thousand Beards" and "The Bearded Gentleman", two books focused on facial hair culture.

One Thousand Beards, appears to be a historical commentary on beards from the caveman's era all the way to now! Tracing the history of things like the razor; back-in-the-day cave men figured out how to use clam shells to pluck their beards and over the centuries developed it to straight razors, and then multi-blade razors, and electric razors, etc. This book heavily considers religious, political, and economic influences upon the beard over the ages and even speaks of a time when men would be taxed for having a beard (a sign of wealth). This podcast interview on the was very informative but more so endeared the author to me (one more Canadian to love!).

The Bearded Gentleman, appears to be more of a how-to in beard preparation, maintenance, shaping, etc etc. It has also become a running blog since these books have been released, so check that out as well!

Both seem like worthy books to own if your are a beard fanatic!

This post has been written for your delight by, Commander Mojdeh!

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