Thursday, July 8, 2010

Featured "Sleaze-Beard": George Michael

I fear that sometimes . . . facial hair can be used for evil! I think George Michael has proven this!

Clearly, he shaved in a little too close on the bottom edges!
But it gets better . . .

"Reverse-Landing-Strip Soul Patch"?

Ladies & Gentlemen, we call this the

This post has been written for your enjoyment by, Commander Mojdeh.

Definition of Sleazy


  1. Sometimes you just gotta be honest!

  2. One of my favorite things about this blog is that for the header artwork, the graphic artist managed to transform decorative acorns into little beardymen.

  3. Fine observation Ms Lauren! Maybe I should seek out odd designs that have been converted into beardymen or do a call for artwork of that nature!

  4. just like our friend Sarah pointed out - another sleasy example: (mustache on the forehead)

  5. i just spent 30 of the silliest and funnest minutes ever on beard blog... and this is despite the fact that i am currently miserably sick and w/o a voice!!

    thank you, moj. thank you.

    ps- wrt the mustache on the forehead dude... ew.

  6. I do what I can guys! I do what I can!