Monday, July 12, 2010

Featured Comedian: Bryan Bowden

THIS JUST IN: Due to popular demand (no, I'm totally serious, there's demand for this blog - who knew?!) I will now be posting every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday to fill your souls with beardy goodness! All that being said . . .

I'm sure most of you think that I spend every waking hour searching the world and the internet for fine examples of bearded excellence (and I do) but I'm a multi-tasker dammit! So at the monthly poetry & comedy showcase that I produce - you can be sure that I'll find a way to curate a few good beards into the mix!

Bryan Bowden, is one of the funniest beards in Chicago! In fact, he's even required to have a beard as a part of a show called "Impress These Apes," where he, of course performs as an ape! Naturally, I approve of the show!

[Photo credit: Lethal Poetry Staff Photographer, Lauren Herrmann]

Take a listen to this clip of his performance at Lethal Poetry's Words That Kill series in May, as he explains how the Australian gov't made a special request to utilize a photograph of him with a handlebar mustache that they found on his flickr page!! [Audio credit: Fyodor Sakhnovski -]

[Photo care of Bryan]

This post has been written for your enjoyment by, Commander Mojdeh!

Listen to Bryan Bowden's Audio Clip
Blewt Productions - Impress These Apes
Lethal Poetry Productions
Words That Kill series

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